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Jan 20, 2021

8 Things That Can Happen When You Quit Drinking…

Giving up alcohol for your health…

Considering giving up booze or cutting back? Good for you! You are taking the steps to a healthier lifestyle. You may be on the fence as to why you should give up or cut back on drinking. We want to help get you on the road to becoming the best man you can be! Once you are past the first stage of cutting back or quitting, you can expect to have better skin, improved sleep, mental clarity, healthier heart rate, healing in your liver and feeling better overall! Here are a few things that can happen when you put down the bottle:

1. Withdrawal: This is one of the side effects that is expected when giving up anything. However, if you have any physical addiction, you should seek medical assistance when stopping.

2. Better skin: Stopping alcohol consumption and drinking more water can improve the overall appearance and glow of your skin.

3. Cravings: As with anything you give up or cut back on, you may feel a “need” to have it during certain situations such as social gatherings.

4. Peer pressure: Just be firm and stick to what you are doing to avoid giving in to the pressure.

5. Sleeping better: While drinking may make you fall asleep quicker, it is not the quality sleep we need to feel fully rested the next day.

6. Sugar cravings: Alcohol releases dopamine which is the “feel-good” hormone.

7. Mental clarity: More emotionally stable, able to think straight and work through problems more easily, giving up alcohol can improve the way you think and feel.

8. Fear of missing out: Of course it can be difficult to watch your friends drinking and look like they are having a great time. However, remember, you are only seeing a small portion of what happens when you drink and don’t see everything that is going on inside their body or see the hangovers afterward.

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