Muscle Growth

You go to the gym, you take your supplements, you follow the diet, but you aren’t putting on muscle or increasing your strength like you think you should. What can you do to grow those pecs, increase your bench, and get bigger quads?

Training, calories, genetics, and hormones are all factors in your quest to get bigger and stronger. Some people are gifted to be able to put on muscle from doing a few pushups, while others can’t seem to grow muscle no matter what they do. Our team of trained experts can talk with you about how we can help you improve your physique and performance.

Testosterone Therapy for Muscle Growth in Naples FL


Bodybuilders have been known to take hormones, both anabolic and androgenic, to help them achieve superhuman bodies. Some of these hormones are safe if taken in moderation and under the guidance of a qualified medical professional, while some are not safe. Testosterone is the most anabolic hormone we have in our bodies. If your levels are not optimized, you will struggle to make those gains you are hoping for. Maintaining optimized Testosterone levels through Testosterone Replacement Therapy or Testosterone Boosting Therapy can provide that extra edge you have been missing.

Peptides for Muscle Growth in Naples FL


Human Growth Hormone levels will help those muscles you are training repair and regrow after a strenuous training session, faster and stronger. The use of Growth Hormone releasing peptides will stimulate your body to produce the ideal level of HGH, more easily getting your muscles to the size and strength you want. Peptides also have a positive impact on sleep quality. Sleep is extremely important to the athletic community because your body heals, builds, and strengthens itself while you are asleep. Without quality sleep, those hard training sessions will mostly go to waste. Ibutamoren has a unique property that stimulates your ghrelin, which is responsible for your appetite. If you have a hard time eating enough calories to support your muscle growth or training, then this peptide will also help you drastically increase your appetite. CJC 1295, Ipamorelin, and Sermorelin are more known for their leaning out properties. Because of their fat metabolism benefits, taking any of these peptides can help you burn off that fat, so you can see those abs that may be hiding under that layer of fat.

Wellness Treatments for Muscle Growth in Naples FL


Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein and are also important for preserving muscle tissue to prevent the catabolic actions of training. We offer a variety of injectable amino acid blends that can give you a bigger pump and help you preserve your muscle during those training sessions. Some amino acids in these blends are responsible for helping increase nitrogen oxide which gives you that vein-popping pump.

Sexual Health for Muscle Growth in Naples FL

Sexual Health

What does sexual health have to do with muscle growth? The use of daily Tadalafil not only helps you perform better in the bedroom, but it also helps you perform better in the gym. The extra blood flow that can help you achieve an erection can also help you achieve rock-hard bicep pumps too.

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    C. Maldonado

    Great place! They really take the time to dial you in. They want you to approach your treatment the healthiest and safest way possible. Looking forward to the future with TClinics! -C.M.

    Robert Conroy

    I was having issues with my current TRT. I went to T-Clinics and they were able to offer very affordable options which enabled me to eliminate my issues and really fine tune my therapy. Very safe and effective. Their knowledge is tailored to men’s health and is more comprehensive then a typical urologist. The staff is extremely friendly and it is nothing but pleasurable dealing with them. I would highly recommend. -Robert C.

    Eric Woodward

    T-Clinics is one of the best choices that I have made in a long time. I felt very sluggish and completely exhausted for quite a while. Once I started on my regimen, I have felt like a million bucks! Communication is great between the staff and client. Thank you so much for turning things around for me! -Eric W.

    Mark Pat

    Staff is incredible and the pricing is very low. They truly want to help as many people as possible. I wish I would have found this place years ago! -Mark P.

    Robert Rathburn

    You guys are awesome! Highly recommend being checked if you have no energy or in a slump. Life changing treatment that’s worth every minute of it. The office staff is great. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. -Robert R.

    Phil Pirtle

    For years I was feeling run down and my days and weeks just ran together and everything seemed gray. I had also reached a sticking point in fat loss in the gym. I got my blood work done and sure enough I had extremely low testosterone. After researching my options I went to TClinics and and their crew lived up to every positive review I read. I’ve been going here for over a year and couldn’t possibly be happier. I have so much more energy, have lost about a half a pound a week while getting stronger in the gym, and most importantly my days don’t just run together- life has zest once again and I am beyond thankful for having found TClinicsUSA. -Phil P.