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Did you know that at any given time, over 44% of the US population is trying to lose weight? Losing weight is more difficult for some than for others. Genetics, family history, lifestyle, hormones, and metabolic rate all play a role in how successful you may be in your quest to drop those unwanted pounds. We have all heard of the Keto diet, intermittent fasting, and doing cardio as ways to lose weight. But what if there were a way to make this process not only easier but also more sustainable?

Weight loss is not simply one thing: rather, it’s a complex recipe of many ingredients. Some ingredients we may want to subtract, others we may want to add, but the products we introduce into the recipe are designed to make it more effective. Various medications and supplements can make this difficult process much easier to achieve when we work smarter and not harder. When considering weight loss, we need to evaluate why you gained the weight and then help you determine what we can offer to help you lose it and keep it off. Hormones, peptides, and weight loss medications can all help in this weight loss process.

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Semaglutide Shots in Naples FL


Recently, the FDA has approved a remarkable medication called Semaglutide, which is a GLP-1 receptor agonist. Semaglutide is designed to not only curb your appetite but also to reduce the amount you can eat. Using Semaglutide has three major benefits in helping you lose weight:

  1. Reduces your appetite and your overall desire for food.
  2. Slows gastric emptying, which will reduce the amount you can eat per meal.
  3. Regulates your fasting blood sugar, which will help to reduce the craving for carbohydrates and sugars, allowing you to stay focused on eating healthy foods.
Testosterone for Weight Loss in Naples FL


If you suffer from low testosterone levels, you will have a hard time losing weight. But why? Testosterone is the most anabolic hormone we have in our bodies. This hormone is responsible for helping to fuel muscle growth and provide energy. If you have low testosterone, then you will have a harder time putting on and maintaining a positive muscle mass to body fat ratio. Think about it this way: muscle is the horsepower of your body. If we increase the horsepower, then our body will burn more fuel (calories/fat).

Estrogen Treatments for Men in Naples FL


Having high estrogen levels is not what any man wants. Estrogen not only limits your testosterone from doing its job, but it can also promote the growth of unwanted fat cells. After evaluating your blood work, we can determine if reducing your estrogen levels will help to reduce the rate you put on fat and help optimize your testosterone levels.

HGH Treatments for Weight Loss in Naples FL

Human Growth Hormone Peptide

We have all heard of bodybuilders and athletes using HGH to increase their performance and improve their physiques. Would using a peptide that allowed your body to make its own Growth Hormone help you achieve your weight loss goals? The answer is yes. Increasing HGH levels not only increases your metabolic function but also helps in many other ways to aid your weight loss. One of the many benefits of HGH releasing peptides aids weight loss by helping you sleep better. Quality sleep is vitally important in the weight loss process. These peptides also help maintain muscle like we discussed earlier with the testosterone levels. Increasing muscle helps to increase the body’s ability to metabolize calories and helps to utilize the calories we consume or store for energy in a more efficient way.

We have a few different HGH releasing peptides that we recommend for weight loss purposes, including CJC 1295, Ipamorelin, and AOD 9604 (Anti-Obesity Drug 9604).

B12 Shots for Weight Loss in Naples FL

B12 Lipotropic Injections

If you have ever been to a weight loss clinic or wellness office, you have probably been offered a B12 shot. These injections are a cocktail of B12 and other B vitamins with other fat-burning amino acids all packed into one injection. We offer these injections for you to take at home to give you that extra energy boost, which helps your body to break down that stubborn fat your body is trying to get rid of as you diet and exercise.

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