BPC-157 is an amazing peptide that can be used for many different health benefits and is available in injectable or oral pill form. BPC-157 has been called the “Wolverine peptide” due to its ability to help dramatically speed up the healing process, much like the marvel comic hero. BPC -157 stands for “Body Protection Compound” and is naturally found in our bodies in both the soft tissue on the inside of our mouths and stomachs. Researchers were able to isolate what makes those two areas of the body heal faster than anywhere else on the body.   They discovered that higher concentrations of BPC-157 were naturally found in these areas of tissue. First discovered in 1993, this penta decapeptide can be used as a direct-to-the-injured area injection or taken as an oral pill due to its stable gastric properties. 

Injectable BPC-157 is recommended for anyone who needs to accelerate the healing process from an injury, surgery, or pain from degenerated joints. The healing properties of BPC-157 send the healing cells of our bodies to where this peptide is injected and allow those cells to do their job at a faster and more efficient pace. Clients who have achy joints due to inflammation can also see and feel a tremendous improvement in their daily lives by using injections close to the joints that have given them discomfort. Often, we have clients who are athletes that have hurt their shoulders, knees or have a recent injury like a bicep tear and will report BPC-157 helped them get back to the sport they love sooner than their doctors predicted.

Oral BPC-157 can be used by anyone who has any gut health issues. The oral version of BPC-157 can survive the gastric pathway and can help to heal or calm most gut-related problems that are stemming from inflammation or damaged gut tissue. Patients who suffer from ulcers, diverticulitis, or crones’ disease are all perfect candidates for oral BPC therapy. Oral BPC-157 can also be used to speed up injuries that an injection can’t help. Soft tissue damage in areas of the body an injection can’t be used, or multiple joint issues can benefit from the systemic benefits of Oral BPC-157 therapy.

We think BPC-157 is one of the most amazing peptides on the market and urge anyone suffering from pain and discomfort to consider trying BPC-157; injections, oral, or even BOTH, to help them get back to enjoying their everyday lives pain-free.

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