Enclomiphene is a nonsteroidal selective estrogen modulator receptor of the pituitary gland. It reduces negative feedback by estrogen on the pituitary which increases gonadotropin secretion and thus gonadal production of testosterone. In other words, Enclomiphene tells your brain that estrogen is not present, so it attempts to increase the production by secreting gonadotropin which causes the testicles to produce more testosterone.  Our brains have the ability to tell our testicles to make more testosterone when needed, this signal from brain to testicles is called luteinizing hormone (LH). By taking Enclomiphene you trigger the pituitary to send an amplified LH signal to the testicles to maximize their ability to produce more testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and testosterone boosting programs are both recommended for men who are struggling with low testosterone levels. If you choose to use exogenous testosterone you must accept the fact that your testicles will begin to decrease in size while the amount of active sperm volume will also decrease. Long term use of testosterone will eventually create a dependency on the use of testosterone and the ability to come off or stop becomes more difficult the longer you use it. Using Enclomiphene is suggested for men using testosterone to combat the negative effects on the testicles and preserve some of their functions. Men who wish to boost their natural testosterone levels can also use Enclomiphene in a testosterone boosting program. Enclomiphene can sometimes double or even triple the user’s testosterone levels and improve fertility levels.

There are several reasons a man may decide to try Enclomiphene or other testosterone boosting medications before committing to using testosterone. We recommend younger men to try and boost their natural levels before making the lifelong commitment to exogenous testosterone. We also recommend any man who is wanting to have children in their future to try boosting their testosterone levels since it won’t affect fertility negatively like testosterone can.  We also suggest boosting testosterone levels for a man who is coming off testosterone, hormones, or steroids and wants to try to get back to normal without the use of a long-term medication to support their testosterone levels.

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