Gonadorelin is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist which is used in fertility and hypogonadism (reduced testosterone levels). It is a peptide that helps to increase the signal to the testicles to make more testosterone and increase sperm production.  

Having low testosterone may be the reason you decide to use testosterone replacement therapy or a testosterone boosting program. The use of exogenous testosterone has many benefits, but one of the consequences of using testosterone is the dependency and testicular atrophy that will be inevitable the longer you use testosterone. Fertility, natural testosterone, and testicular size will be reduced unless you use some sort of testicular stimulating medication or supplement to essentially tell your testicles that they are still needed while you are using testosterone. Gonadarelin is that “on switch” that your testicles need to keep them functioning while the testosterone use is the “off switch” telling them to take a break and they are not needed.  If you are not ready to use exogenous testosterone for the reasons we just listed but still want to increase your testosterone levels or need help restarting your natural levels from prior use, Gonadorelin can help the optimization of testicular function. 

For years, a medication called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) was one of the primary weapons used by clinics and practitioners who were addressing testosterone deficiencies but with the availability of HCG becoming much more difficult to obtain and the cost skyrocketing, this has become out of reach for many men. Pharmacies introduced Gonadorelin as a replacement that is much easier to obtain and far more cost effective. 

Gonadorelin is an injectable medication that can be injected subcutaneously (into fat) with a very small insulin syringe a few times a week, so those men who are not comfortable with using larger testosterone needles can easily use this product if they are not as comfortable with injections. 

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