Human Chorionic Gonadotropin acts similar to luteinizing hormone (LH) because it sends a signal to the testicles to produce more testosterone and increase sperm production. HCG can be used to combat testicular shrinkage, increase sperm count and correct testicular atrophy in guys using exogenous testosterone in a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or to boost a man’s natural testosterone levels in a testosterone boosting therapy (TBT) program. Men who have secondary hypogonadism have reduced testosterone levels because their brain senses they already have enough testosterone in their system and thus reduces the strength or amount of the signal it sends to the testicles to produce testosterone. Using HCG is a way to mimic that signal and thus tells the testicles to wake up and perform at an increased rate. Think about your testicles as being the factory that produces testosterone and the pituitary gland as the computer program that tells the factory to make more or less of its product. If the computer thinks there is no reason to increase the production of testosterone because testosterone is coming from somewhere else like an injection or the brain believes a sufficient amount is being produced for the bodies demand, it will turn down the intensity of the signal to the testicles and therefor a lower amount of testosterone is produced. Using small HCG injections several times weekly can crank up that signal and get it back to maximum production and increase the testicles demand which will result in larger testicles, higher testosterone production and increased fertility.

It is important to understand that HCG will not work for everyone. If your testicles are not able to produce more testosterone no matter how high the signal is turned up, you may suffer from primary hypogonadism. Men who have primary hypogonadism have a defect in their testicles and will have little to no response from the use of medications like HCG, gonadorelin or enclomiphene. Proper blood tests performed by our medical practitioners can help determine if you have low testosterone levels due to primary or secondary hypogonadism and will know if HCG is worth trying.

HCG has also been made popular for its controversial use in weight loss programs. There was a physician years ago named Dr Simeon who used a very strict low-calorie diet with a control group and noted that low dosed HCG use combined with an extremely low-calorie diet would trigger fat loss (primarily stored- stubborn fat) while maintaining muscle mass as opposed to the placebo group who lost muscle mass instead of body fat. This sparked a lot of interest that using HCG would allow extreme dieters to drop body fat and maintain lean muscle resulting in a leaner and more metabolically healthy physique.

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