Semaglutide is a GLP-1 peptide that has recently been FDA approved for both diabetes and weight loss. This remarkable new medication has been shown to help patients lose approximately 15% of their body weight in a year without any diet or exercise. Semaglutide combined with proper diet, exercise and hormone optimization can be capable of achieving much greater results if done correctly. We know there is no magic pill or shot for weight loss, but most of us are looking for that one thing that can make the daunting task of dieting much easier. 

Semaglutide has 3 major mechanisms of action that allow it to help you lose weight and stay on your diet. Semaglutide works by helping the pancreas to release the correct amount of insulin when your blood sugar levels are elevated. Insulin then helps to move the sugar in the blood stream into the muscle tissue where it’s used for energy. This lowering of blood sugar will also lower your appetite and desire to eat. The peptide mimics a naturally occurring peptide in the body that tells your brain that your full, so the feeling of hunger is eliminated. Semaglutide also slows down the gastric emptying so the rate at which you digest food is slowed down. If you slow down the digestion of food, the stomach has less capacity and the feeling of being satiated happens much faster.  

Often times we know what to eat and what not to eat, but we tend to allow our bad habits or lack of will power win and losing weight becomes a battle. Semaglutide can help arm you with the ammunition you need to fight the weight loss battle. But Semaglutide isn’t just for the morbidly obese.  If you’re dieting to get into better shape and know those late-night snacks or the extra helping at dinner is preventing you from achieving the physique you’ve always wanted, this new dieting medication may be just what the doctor ordered, literally.

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